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Interaction of electroactive bacteria with electrode surfaces

par Naoufel HADDOUR - publié le

-* Study of the interaction forces involved in the adhesion of electroactive bacteria on the electrode surfaces

- A balance of attraction and repulsion forces between bacteria and the anode, described by X-DLVO theory.

- Modifying electrode potential changes this balance and the resulting biofilm.
  • Proof of concept
- Applying a potential to anode during biofilm formation enables its enrichment with electroactive bacteria and improves the electrical performance of MFCs.
J.M. Monier, N. Haddour, T. Vogel, (2008) Patent number : WO2009153499 A3.
  • Current developments
- Construction of a new configuration of MFC as a laminar flow reactor allowing both observation in real time of the biofilm formation and its electrochemical characterization.
- Studying of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation as function of time.
- Studying of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation as function of hydrodynamic stress

iMUST BioForce project led by Laboratoire Ampère in collaboration with IRCELYON institute and Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés Catalytiques (LGPC).

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