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Unsolicited internship application (Master’s 2 Degree)

par Laurent Krähenbühl - publié le , mis à jour le

Please find here the mandatory procedure for any unsolicited internship application. Please note we only consider applications which are part of a master’s 2 (end of second cycle academic) degree curriculum. No application at a lower degree will be considered.


Every year, we receive hundreds of unsolicited applications from students from all over the world, looking for an internship with our research laboratory. Most of the time, they send their application to many (if not all) faculty members, resulting in duplicated (and therefore inefficient and unbalanced) work on our side.

Please note that we have very few internship opportunities for unsolicited applications (from zero to two per year) : in most cases, the interns are either chosen from the students trained in Lyon (within the schools and university departments that are related to Ampère), or selected through a recruiting process for the vacancies published on our website (this is the preferred recruitment method)


When you want to send a spontaneous (unsolicited) application :

  • "one stop shop" : Please send your application to the following address : stages-ampere(at) (don’t send it to other faculty members, as it will be disregarded).
    Subject of the email : "demande de stage"
    We will send a confirmation of receipt.
  • Documents required : The following documents should be included for an application to be considered :
    - a resume (with the detailed academic curriculum),
    - school reports,
    - a covering letter with the following : duration or starting/end dates expected for the internship, level, scientific domain, the name and contact details of a professor who could recommend you to us, and (if applicable) the associated funding.
  • If you think you have identified a faculty member from our lab who could be especially interested in your application, please write down his/her name and explain why you think so. Please don’t write directly to her/him.
  • To make our job easier, please send pdf documents, with your name in the filename : FirstnameLastnameCV.pdf, FirstnameLastnameCover.pdf... Ideally, group everything in a single zip file ( or in a single pdf file.
    Please mention your email AND phone number.

After your application has been submitted

All the applications are (weekly) distributed to our research groups. If one of the applications retains their attention, they’ll get in touch with the applicant.

Unfortunately (as explained in the warning above) in more than 90% of the cases, no follow-up will be given beyond the confirmation of receipt. There is no need for you to contact us a second time.