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20/12/2012 - Jun YUAN - ECL

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Jun YUAN soutient sa thèse le 20 décembre 2012 à 10h - amphi 203 - ECL

Titre  :

Approche métagénomique pour l’étude de la dégradation de la quinoline dans les sols / Metagenome-based study of quinolein degradation in soils

Jury :

  • Directeurs de thèse : Pascal SIMONET ; Laure FRANQUEVILLE
  • Rapporteurs : Christine CAGNON . Jean Luc PERNODET ;
  • Examinateurs : Pascale BAUDA ; Timothy VOGEL

Résumé :

Genotype and environment determines the phenotype and finally leads to the colorful world. With the development of modern biotechnology, the biodiversity especially microbiodiversity being gradually reveal. Soil becomes one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth and microorganisms in soil encompass the largest resource of metabolic and genetic diversity. Some of their members are able to complete degrade pollutants such as quinoline which involved in this study. In order to understand the bacterial community and relative genes for industrial quinoline degradation, classical metagenomics method (soil microcosm) and new tool Genefish (defined as a technology to capture targeted genes directly from environmental DNA samples, just like fishing) were used.

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