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T2: Biomicrosystems, Bioelectrochemistry and Bioelectromagnetism

A scientific priority shared between two research departments of Ampère laboratory: Electrical Energy" and "Bioengineering"

Objectives: Modeling and electromagnetic characterization of biological systems. Development of micro manipulation and biodetection tools. Development of bio-electrochemical systems.

Keywords :

- Numerical modeling /Complex meshing / 3D dosimetry / Microdosimetry
- Cell sorting / Dielectrophoresis / Magnetophoresis / Acoustophoresis / Electroporation / Electrofusion / Electrochemical biosensors.

Contact : Marie Frenea-Robin

Application areas :

Assessment of the health impact of exposure to electromagnetic fields / Lab-on-a-chip / Integration of electrochemical biosensors in " point of care " testing devices.

Main research axes :

Numerical dosimetry

Microsystems for biology

Bioelectrochemical Systems


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