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08/01/2016 - Khoa Duc NGUYEN

par Laurent Krähenbühl - publié le , mis à jour le

Khoa Duc NGUYEN soutient sa thèse le 08/01/2016 - 10h00 - Médiathèqe INSA Lyon

Titre  :
Electrical energy management for the vehicle network including the electrified auxiliaries in HEV/PHEVs

Jury :
Directeur de thèse : Eric Bideaux
co-encadrant : Minh Tu Pham
Rapporteurs : Didier Dumur, Jonas Sjöberg
Examinateurs : Philippe Le Brusq, Xavier Roboam

Le texte intégral de cette thèse sera accessible sur intranet à partir du 08-01-2021

Résumé :
Facing to the increase of fuel price and stringent legal requirements on the greenhouse gas emission in recent years, truck manufacturers have to investigate more on new technical measures to be more competitive on the market. Within this context, electromobility rises as one of the most promising approaches to answer to above requirements, where its principle solution is the powertrain electrification. In parallel with this solution, another technical solution of electromobility- the auxiliary
electrification that appears recently becomes also an attractive solution for not only the academic community but also the automotive companies. However, the integration of these two solutions together in a vehicle can give rise to a much more complicated system control problem, especially in term of energy management. The objective of this PhD study is to figure out an appropriate approach for designing the electrified auxiliary control, which can cope with the control strategy of the electric hybrid powertrain on one hand, and can improve the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle on the other hand.