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RTE-MIS 21/05/2015 (INSA, 12h30)

by Laurent Krähenbühl - published on

"Réunion de Travail et d’Echange" (RTE) du département MIS :

Jeudi 21 mai 2015, 12h30-14h00 - INSA, St-Ex, 1er étage.
Aussi en visio à l’ECL (H9)

The biggest Kalman filter in the universe (Paolo Massioni)

It should not be surprising to you that probably the biggest Kalman filter in the world is the one that has been designed for the biggest astronomical telescope in the world. Such a filter is supposed to estimate more than 200 000 state variables at a rate of 800 Hz, allowing the compensation of the effects of the turbulence on the imaging. Join this meeting to discover the story of this remarkable Kalman filter, and help me figure out if it is robust to the model uncertainties, namely the direction and speed of the wind in the atmosphere layers.

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