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by Pascal Venet - published on , updated on


- Mail:
- Phone: +33 4 72 43 10 16
- Fax: +33 4 72 43 11 93

I belong to the Electrical Energy Department of the Ampère laboratory (CNRS UMR 5005).


Research themes

- Electric Energy storage System (EESS) (capacitors, supercapacitors, batteries)
- Characterization, modelling, reliability, ageing and diagnosis of the EESS

Current researches

- Study of the failure mechanisms, determination of ageing laws and estimation of the lifetime of capacitors, supercapacitors and batteries.
- Determination of the State Of Charge (SOC) and State Of Health (SOH) of supercapacitors and batteries (study of BMS (Battery Management System))
- Study of the balancing circuits of supercapacitors and batteries with consideration of the lifetime


My teaching activities is ensured in departments GIM (Industrial engineering and Maintenance) and GMP (Mechanical engineering and Industrial automation) of l’IUT Lyon 1. I am responsible for:
- Head of GIM department
- responsible of modules of electricity (1st year GMP), of electrotechnics (Study of the three-phase system, DC electric machines, AC electric machines) (1st year GMP and 2nd year GIM), of power electronics (Study of rectifiers, DC/DC converters, inverters) (2nd year GIM), of electrotechnics for the pumping systems, ...
- Coleader of electricity and electronics platform in GMP department

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