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Wenlu WANG - 12/07/2011 - ECL

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Wenlu WANG soutient sa thèse le 12 juillet 2011 à 10h00 - amphi 201 à l’ECL

Titre :

Eco-design of power transmission systems (eco-conception des systèmes de transmission de l’énergie électrique)

Jury :

  • Directeur thèse : A. BEROUAL
  • Rapporteurs : P. BROCHET ; M. IVERNIZZI
  • Examinateurs : J.L. BESSEDE ; H. RAZIK ;
  • Invité : G. TREMOUILLE

Résumé :

The demand to preserve the environment and form a sustainable development is greatly increasing in the recent decades all over the world, and this environmental concern is also merged in electrical power industry, resulting in many eco-design approaches in Transmission & Distribution (T & D) industries.
As a method of eco-design, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic tool that enables the assessment of the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its entire life cycle, i.e. raw material production, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal including all intervening transportation steps necessary or caused by the product’s existence.
In T & D industries, LCA has been done for a lot of products individually, in order to see one product’s environmental impacts and to seek for ways of improving its environmental performance. This eco-design for product approach is a rather well-developed trend, however, as only a single electrical product cannot provide the electrical power to users, electrical system consists of a huge number of components, in order to investigate system’s environmental profile, the entire environmental profiles of different composing products has to be integrated systematically, that is to say, a system approach is needed.
Under this philosophy, the study “Eco-design of Power Transmission Systems” is conducted in this thesis, with the purpose of analyzing the transmission systems’ environmental impacts, locating the major environmental burden sources of transmission systems, selecting and/or developing methodologies of reducing its environmental impacts.


Eco-design; Transmission System; Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); 765 kV AC; 1000 kV AC; UHV; EHV

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