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30/06/2021 - Sofia BENOUAKTA

by Laurent Krähenbühl - published on , updated on


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Sofia Benouakta defends her PhD on June 30, 2021.
Place : Amphi ISTIL POLYTECH – Campus LyonTech, la Doua.

Contribution to the development of an RFID textile yarn.

Jury :

  • Rapporteurs : CORDEAU David (Université de Poitiers) – TEDJINI Smail (Grenoble INP)
  • Autres membres : RAULET Marie-Ange (Université Lyon 1) – RICHALOT Elodie (Université Gustave Eiffel)
  • Encadrement : DUROC Yvan (Université Lyon 1) – M. HUTU Florin (INSA Lyon)

Abstract :
This PhD thesis is part of the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), the wearable technology and the augmented RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). The objective is to contribute to the design of an RFID textile yarn that is enabled with multi-standards and multi-functions. Therefore, any object or material that is fabricated with this yarn (or integrates it) will have new functions such as contactless physical communication with another object or another person, the unique identification, the authentication or information sensing. The main contributions in this thesis are to bring significant improvements to the E-Thread® technology based commercial UHF RFID textile yarn: the design and fabrication of elastic RFID yarn; the design and fabrication of temperature or humidity sensing RFID yarns; the study of the feasibility and the design of a NFC (Near Field Communication) textile yarn.

Keywords : Antenna, textile yarn, wearable, Internet of Things, NFC, RFID, sensor tag, RFID tag

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