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17/12/2018 - Riadh ABDELHEDI

by Laurent Krähenbühl - published on , updated on

M. Riadh Abdelhedi soutient sa thèse le 17/12/2018
Title : Optimization of a hybrid energy storage system with battery and supercapacitors for electric vehicles

Jury :

  • Houda Ben Attia, Abdesslem Djerdir : rapporteurs.
  • Charles Joubert, Najiba Mrabet-Bellaj : examina-trice/teur.
  • Pascal Venet, Amine Lahyani (Directeurs de thèse).

Abstract :
This work contributes to the optimization of a hybrid storage system that combines lithium-ion batteries with supercapacitors used for electric vehicles. This hybridization structure was chosen due the complementarity between both used storage devices. Our study focuses on the implementation of advanced energy control and management techniques. Improving performances in terms of cost and lifetime represents the goal of this thesis. Our approach is to develop a real time algorithm of energy management taking into account battery electrical and thermal behaviors. A comparative study evaluate the benefits and the drawbacks of each proposed strategy in order to offer various choices between low cost power sharing solutions and control strategy with high performances. An experimental bench was implemented to apply the theoretical concept

Key Words :
Optimization, Battery, Energy management, Supercapacitors

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